Dress Code

Thurgood Marshall Middle School Dress Code 2022-23

Students are not required to wear standard school attire. Student attire must meet the following expectations:

  • Shoulders and undergarments must be completely covered. Bare skin must not be visible between the shoulders and knees (not including arms).
  • Student may wear hoodies, but hoods cannot be worn in the building.
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses must be fingertip length.
  • No form fitting pants are allowed: leggings, jeggings and yoga pants need to be covered.
  • If pants have rips/tears in them, there must be leggings underneath to cover the bare skin above the knees.
  • No flip-flops, slides or house shoes.
  • Head coverings are allowed for religious purposes only. Absolutely no bandanas, scarves, sweatbands, caps, do-rags, or bonnets/hairnets of any kind cannot be worn.
  • Any clothing with images that creates a hostile or intimidating environment or depicts any illegal activity is unacceptable.

*** Students who are unwilling to follow the relaxed dress code will be required to wear Standard School Attire (SSA). SSA is a polo style or collared shirt and khaki pants/skirt/shorts only.

***School administration will modify this list if other clothing items become a distraction to the learning environment.

Dress Code