Community Partners

Connect and Support Marshall

Thurgood Marshall Middle School would love to thank our Community Partners and Donors for their support of our school!


Target in Brentwood


Walmart on Nolensville Road and Old Hickory

Marshall is incredibly thankful for Walmart's $100 donation that is allowing us to purchase incentives for our school store. If you are in the Walmart on Nolensville Road and Old Hickory, make sure to thank them!

Francesca's in Brentwood

Francesca's knows that Marshall's students have style. They donated 45% off coupons that can be used in their Brentwood store. We are thankful for their support!


Digg That


Digg That Nutrition in Brentwood

Digg that Nutrition in Brentwood was generous enough to donate 15 free shakes to Marshall! This is a locally owned business that just opened a few months ago. Their son also creates amazing, custom shoes. Thank them if you drop into their store!


Sonic Drive-In, Smyrna

Sonic Drive-In in Smyrna provided coupons for free ice cream and free cherry slushes. Marshall is so thankful for their support!



The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market in Brentwood

Marshall is grateful for Fresh Market's $75 donation that is allowing us to purchase some delicious candy to provide as incentives for our school story! If you happen to be there, make sure the managers know how appreciative we are!

The Escape Game Nashville

The Escape Game Nashville donated three digital game codes for three games that will be for 4-6 people! Students interested in having a good time using their brains to solve puzzles will LOVE these games!